It was as if the earth had stopped circling the sun and was instead heading towards it. For months the heat was unbearable, then lethal. Everyone prayed for rain, but the only relief was the GIANT - a rallying point for the end of life. The quick-witted put a shotgun in their mouth straight away. The rest waited for the riots, the slaughter; the Fall.

So violent and massive was the killing that billions of dead souls coalesced into an omnipresent force. More miserable in death than life, they want to end what's left of life.

Those that survived the Fall have hung around for a few generations, but their existence is thin. They squirrel themselves inside the old ruins, little better than parasites. It won't be long until a whiff of disease or a squabble of a war clears away the stragglers.

Ahern is one of the few survivors thriving, not just surviving, and knows if there is any future for humanity, then something must be done now. If redemption is still possible, then the key is the GIANT. But now the GIANT has become a child's story, its secrets kept by the past.

Ahern is an ad hoc archeologist, historian, and anthropologist. He's smart, but too confident in himself and what he's learned. Ahern believes he can bargain the dead into giving up the secret of the GIANT, but straight away the old souls snare him. They entice him with forgotten knowledge and prod him with visions of salvation. Kill the unbelievers and begin society anew. Ahern knows he's being used, but believes he can outplay the old ghosts.

Ahern is led through the wastes where there's never a definitive answer, just another step. A string of dead cities and tatters of history, but still the same dream for Ahern. Kill the unbelievers. But just who are they? The more he learns, the more Ahern is unsure of how to play the dead and their vision. He slugs on, finding living people willing to fight and die for beliefs opposite his own, leaving Ahern unsure if he is helping to save humanity or end it.

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